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Western Conference Playoff Thread - Tuesday Night Scoreboard Watching


Now that the Clippers have clinched a playoff appearance, we're truly down to two teams we care about in the standings: the team ahead of the Clippers, and the team behind the Clippers. Technically, in a worst case scenario, Denver could push the Clippers down to sixth, so another Denver loss would be nice, but Denver doesn't play tonight, and is in fact the Clippers' opponent tomorrow night, so we'll be rooting for that as we root for a Clippers win.

Both the third place Lakers and the fifth place Grizzlies are in action tonight. As I write this, Memphis is getting under way in Minneapolis against the Timberwolves. The pre-game news from up there is all bad for the Clippers -- Kevin Love is not playing for the Wolves, and Marc Gasol (who hyper-extended his knee in their last game and was questionable for this one) is playing. Oh, and the Wolves haven't won a game in April since 2010, so that's bad.

The big one is later tonight, when the Spurs visit the Lakers. Kobe Bryant will miss his sixth straight game, but the Lakers have won four in a row without him, including a drubbing in San Antonio last week. The Spurs have no answer for Andrew Bynum, who had 30 rebounds against them last time out. San Antonio's 'centers' are either too short (DeJuan Blair) or too old (Tim Duncan) or too Brazilian (Tiago Splitter) to really deal with Bynum. Hopefully they'll do better tonight.