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Clippers 90, Phoenix 93- The Blame Game

Tough, tough loss here tonight. Blame Vinny for his worst-in-the-league playcalling, and blame the refs for looking the wrong way at some critical moments, and blame me for typing slowly. The fact is that the team has to play better.

Clippers vs Suns coverage

Clippers vs Suns boxscore

Bright Side Of The Sun

And I just have to say this: Any Suns fan, or anyone who roots for a player after a flagrant foul isn't a basketball fan. They are just unintelligent sports fans who like to see fighting. How would Suns fans react if KMart hit Nash like that? They would have rushed the court and smothered him. It's the same thing that we saw in New Orleans with the Jason Smith hit. People are disgusting.

Here's your roll call.

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Tim Kempton award for Comment of the Night Winner:

82-0, back to back wins.

I'm turning the roll call into the troll call!

Clippers // Chargers // Rays // Boise State

by 82-0 on Apr 19, 2012 9:05 PM PDT upreplyactions

No worthy runner-ups that I saw.

82-0 jumps to 165, into 2nd place.

JayQ wins.


Hornets vs Clippers coverage

For the record: Clippers win their last three, Lakers lose their next two against San Antonio and OKC, Clippers still win the division. Club O FTW.