Mo Williams: Odd Man Out?

Does anyone agree with the following tweet?

I like Mo Williams a lot but the Clippers are 6-0 since he's been out and the rotation has never been better.

I sure do. The Clippers have officially gone streaking a la Frank the Tank. We seem to have gotten the early season "Lob City" mojo back. Is it a coincidence that this occurred with Mo on the bench?

As we all may have heard, in the early season Mo stated being unhappy as a back up. There was also a rumor that he got into a mano a mano altercation with Vinny's infamous hour-long "motivation" locker room speech. I doubt that being accurate, but is it possible that he was a locker room cancer. Our bench usually tended to defer to him when he was on the court and he was a defensive liability.

We have looked great during our current streak and I was sadden when I heard a report on Clippers Live that Mo's recovery was ahead of schedule. I love Mo as much as the next guy, but its clear we are playing better without him. What will Vinny do when he is healthy? He has to clearly play, I mean does Vinny have the cojones to bench him if the team is doing good? Our defense, minus the Portlandia game, has been stellar. Personally, I would encourage him to really, and I mean really, take his time recovering from any lingering injuries.

Another dilemma is Randy Foye's recent emergence and Nick Young. I just don't see Mo Williams playing significant minutes as he did before. Plus, Bledsoe has been great!

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