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The Daily Clipper - Monday Edition


Last night's win was too close for comfort. Twitterverse says #FreeTreyThompkins will on this trip!

Del Negro says Lob City isn’t Flop City - Clippers blog : The Orange County Register
When it comes to reputations, this video certainly won’t help. Clippers forward Reggie Evans might have over sold things a tad, reacting to what is clearly a foul by falling...

Young has the flu; Leslie recalled - Los Angeles Clippers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles Clippers forward Nick Young did not dress for Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Hornets with flu-like sympto

CLIPPERS NOTEBOOK: Evans urges Griffin to fight fire with fire - LA Daily News
Blake Griffin moved gingerly about the Clippers locker room Sunday. The left side of his neck was sore enough to make any sort of turn or gesture an excruciating ordeal.

Flop of the Night: Reggie Evans - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN
Smile, Reggie! You're the latest Clipper to win Flop of the Night HoopIdea wants to #StopTheFlop. To spotlight the bigg

Why Paul should win the MVP but won't - Los Angeles Clippers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES -- He won’t win the award. In fact if he cracks the top two at this point it would be a minor miracle, but truth be told he deserv

L.A. Clippers appear to have gotten better of Chris Paul trade with the New Orleans Hornets |
Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman may not remain in New Orleans

Basketball Prospectus | The Playoff Picture
L.A. Clippers vs. Memphis - 95.9%

Clippers starting postseason prep - Clippers blog : The Orange County Register
While things like an opponent and whether the Clippers will have home court advantage are still undecided, the team is doing the things it can to get prepared for its...


Los Angeles Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro wants Robin Lopez suspended for Blake Griffin foul - ESPN Los Angeles
Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro said Suns center Robin Lopez should have been suspended for his flagrant foul on Blake Griffin last Thursday and shouldn't have been allowed to play until Griffin recovered from the injury he sustained.

VIDEO: Chris Paul Is Throwing Ridiculous Assists Again - From Our Editors -
Chris Paul took over against the New Orleans Hornets on Sunday

Al Horford may be near return -- and Hawks need him | Jeff Schultz
Atlanta Hawks, who lost to the New York Knicks Sunday, hope to get Al Horford back for their NBA playoff series against the Boston Celtics.

Kevin Love loses the beard and mustache, looks like a kid | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports
From the blog Ball Don't Lie: On Thursday, our Dan Devine noted the new mustache of Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star Kevin Love. While Dan was more concerned with whether or not his own mustache could stack up to Love's, he also noted that the power forward's 'stache … Continue reading →

Matt Geiger 'relocated' at Rays game for interfering in play
NBA fans watching the Twins-Rays game on Sunday night got a little blast from the past thanks to an innocuous foul ball.