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Are the Clippers "Backing In" to the Playoffs...?!

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Saw this a little while ago, a post on Yahoo from a "Clipper fan" named Todd Pheifer. I ddn't know Todd, maybe he's even a member of ClipsNation... but I think Todd has things completely wrong....

Because the Clips lost the last two games does it mean they backed into the playoffs? No. After a rough March, they went on a winning streak and locked into a playoff postion a couple of weeks ago. How is that backing into the playoffs? Now, if Memphis loses tonight, the Clips will have backed into a first round homecourt advantage, but... so what?

Let's celebrate this: The LA Clippers won 60.6% of their games this year. In a full 82 game year, they would have won, let's see, uh... 49.7 games. Let's round it off to fifty. Fifty games? For a team that carried over six players (check my math on that) from last year? I'd say that's pretty darn good. And is a great starting point for next year as well.

Backing-in, my butt.