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"I Ain't Lyin!": Marc Stein Faces Off with Kenyon Martin and Reggie Evans

Marc Stein, who reported on an apparent "clash" between Clipper reserves Kenyon Martin and Reggie Evans in his "Weekend Dime" a few days ago, apparently had an impromptu meeting with the two big men at the Clpper's shootaround yesterday in Dallas. (Hat tip to Citizen Gordon for President who had it first in the fanshots.)

Stein (who lives in Dallas) pretty much dismisses the meeting as a clearing of the air, though Evans and Martin were clearly upset. Stein also doesn't give us much more information about where he got his info or make any further claim to its veracity, instead he simply tries to sweep it under the rug:

You should also know, for the record, that veteran forwards Kenyon Martin and Reggie Evans summoned me at the morning shootaround for a three-man summit to strenuously deny the idea raised in the Weekend Dime that they're in any way at odds. Both were adamant that anyone suggesting otherwise was simply looking for scapegoats after a rocky March.

Maybe it's by way of apology that Stein then throws a little more water on the fire he himself started with this little bit:

Martin has been a revered teammate pretty much wherever he has played. And Evans' popularity as another first-year Clipper would appear to be cresting given how many other Clippers could be heard before and after tipoff at American Airlines Center making his Pensacola catch phrase their own: "I ain't lyin'."

But there's more in the article that's worthwhile. Clipper big men weren't the only ones who seemed a little touchy towards Stein. This from Chris Paul (who Stein calls "the little assassin") when asked about the Clipper's recent upturn:

"We ain't fixed," Paul insisted, "because we were never broke."

There's some other quotes from Blake Griffin, mostly restating his "we're having fun again" mantra, then this from Caron Butler:

"We should not be trying to find our identity at this point in the season," Butler said. "We should have that already. So we discussed it and we agreed that we've got to get everyone involved. Since then this team's had a totally different disposition. Guys are making the extra pass, we're sharing that ball and that's what we've got goin' right now. When we play defense and share the ball, we're a scary team. With all these weapons, it's tough to load up on Chris and Blake."