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2012 NBA Playoffs - Clippers Vs. Grizzlies Game 2 Viewing Party

Bumping this back up to the front page to remind everyone to come out to the Beach Club tonight and watch the game with other citizens of Clips Nation.

All right citizens, I just got off the phone with the fine folks at the Beach Club in Long Beach. I have reserved the non-smoking patio for Clips Nation for Wednesday night.

If you're anywhere near Long Beach on Wednesday, or even if you're not, it's your duty as a citizen of Clips Nation to show up and watch the game with us. Just think of Game 1 -- how awesome would it have been to watch that comeback with a hundred other people as nuts for the Clippers as you? That is assuming of course that there hadn't been a mass suicide incident after three quarters.

The Beach Club is located at:

5755 Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach. Map.

It is near Long Beach State in a shopping center bordered by PCH and Bellflower and 7th Street. For those who have been to viewing parties in the past, we've been there a couple of times. The non-smoking patio has lots of space and a couple of flat screens and usually works out pretty well for us.

Tip off is scheduled for 6:30 PM and they will have Happy Hour specials until 7 PM, so I plan to be there about 6 to get warmed up. Maybe do some pregame stretching. I don't want to pull anything during the game.