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Clippers Vs. Grizzlies - Submit Your Questions for A Grizzlies Expert


Don't look now, but the Memphis Grizzlies are coming. Or rather the Clippers are going to Memphis to play them. The Grizzlies are the Western Conference team that no one wants to meet in the postseason -- and they could very well be the Clippers' first round opponent. As the playoff picture stands right now, the Clippers as the four seed would host the Grizzlies as the five seed -- the Clippers would take that, because it would be even dicier if the Grizzlies move past them in the standings and the matchup stays the same, only with Memphis holding the home court advantage.

This all makes Monday's game really big. The Clippers already hold the season series edge by virtue of winning the first two of three, which is nice, but this game is huge nonetheless. If the Grizz want to make a serious run at the four seed, they must beat the Clippers in Memphis.

In advance of the game, we're going to do another 'crowd sourcing' edition of The Questionable Blogger. Submit your questions here for Tom Lorenzo of the SBNation Grizzlies blog Straight Outta Vancouver to answer. As always, he'll take the good ones (and maybe even some bad ones, it's up to him) and answer them for us.

Make me proud citizens. Ask good questions. The four seed may depend on it (but probably not).