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Clippers Vs. Thunder - Submit Your Question for Questionable Blogger JA Sherman


I know we're all focused on the Grizzlies game right now, but take a few minutes to think of your very best Oklahoma City questions to submit for OKC blogger JA Sherman from Welcome to Loud City. Since this is the third time playing the Thunder and I've already asked him the questions I wanted to ask, it's now your chance to step up and ask those hard-hitting Thunderific queries. In fact, the Clippers and Thunder play each other twice in the course of less than a week, so ask lots of questions and we'll see if we can't squeeze a couple of answer posts out of this process.

These 'crowd sourced' Questionable Bloggers have been terrific so far. I'm sure you guys will make me proud again. And as always I'll be answering questions from the WTLC community as well.