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Grizzlies 94, Clippers 85 Postgame Roll Call

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I missed most of the game today at practice. You can imagine how pleased I was to run inside, turn the TV on, and see a 5 point deficit with 40 seconds left.

Well, Clippers are still in 4th in the conference, but the gap is large to catch the Lakers, and slimmer to fall behind the Grizzlies.

Clippers vs Grizzlies coverage

Clippers vs Grizzlies boxscore

Straight Outta Vancouver

Roll Call: ClipperBEAST, agolden, Divine Beast, 82-0, Xfactor26, Jayq, Bui Himself, shay, tenkaistar, shap, yaggiefresh, XXDC2XX, vaughtfromhisspot, osamu, muckduck, UC.Clipper, My dukie twinkles, Clipperoo, teddygreen, chrisd, Lawler's Law, SurfinQ00, oLiViNGSToN, nauticazn25, bc56274, JJClipperfan, lbclips, Rakelds79, Guyver423, wilriv21, Carlos Castillo, cassellmania, Josh4LAC, ThaFoX, Handsome_B._Wonderful, twistedwrister, LJ Hann, Charles Ha, Swagmeister33, Pawn, zac4president, Oh WTF, t0md0, Hengtime81, old666, lovinglosangeles, TheLobTHEJAM
Total Users: 47
Total Posts: 1736
Total Threads: 3

But who had the most?

JayQ. Yawn. Cheater. Congrats out to agolden and 82-0/ClipperBEAST.

Name # of Posts
Jayq 280
agolden 125
82-0 109
ClipperBEAST 109
muckduck 93
tenkaistar 84
chrisd 75
Bui Himself 72
Xfactor26 67
Clipperoo 67
shay 64
My dukie twinkles 58
yaggiefresh 52
wilriv21 49
Divine Beast 39
SurfinQ00 39
Rakelds79 35
shap 32
osamu 28
Lawler's Law 25
lbclips 24
JJClipperfan 21
nauticazn25 18
oLiViNGSToN 18
UC.Clipper 18
vaughtfromhisspot 15
Carlos Castillo 13
bc56274 12
LJ Hann 11
Charles Ha 9
ThaFoX 5
twistedwrister 5
Josh4LAC 5
teddygreen 4
lovinglosangeles 3
zac4president 3
Pawn 3
cassellmania 3
Guyver423 3
Hengtime81 2
t0md0 2
Handsome_B._Wonderful 1
old666 1
Oh WTF 1
Swagmeister33 1

Clippers vs Thunder coverage

Welcome to Loud City

See you on Wednesday!