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Clippers Vs. Spurs - A Preview of Previews

I am still working on my full preview for the Clippers-Spurs series for Clips Nation, but in the meantime I've written a couple of pieces for other sites. As Citizen twistedwrister has already discovered in the FanShots, I wrote a piece for SBNation NBA about the polar opposite perceptions of the two franchises.

Beyond all the statistics, though, the common perception is that these two teams could not be more opposite. The Spurs are the best-run organization in the NBA, if not in pro sports. They wrote the book on building an NBA winner the right way. The Clippers on the other hand are commonly viewed as completely inept. They tried to save money by photocopying an out-of-print copy of the book written in Sanskrit -- and they don't read Sanskrit.

I also wrote a piece for SBNation LA. It's pretty similar, but if you can't get enough of me, then go ahead and give it a look-see.