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Clippers Vs. Spurs - Let's Try a Series of Meet-ups

OK, I'm trying something new here. We've done Viewing Parties in the past, and they've been fun. But L.A. is a big town, spread out over a wide geographic area, and getting anywhere out of your way for a 6:30 game on a weeknight is somewhat masochistic. So rather than making a big deal about reserving space at one place, let's use this thread to discuss where you can meet fans in your area for tonight's game.

It's the playoffs, the game will be on. You might want to avoid sports bars with a strong hockey flavor, because the Kings are on tonight as well (I think they drop the puck at 6 PM, so it's pretty much a complete overlap). But they'll be showing both games wherever you go, and hopefully you know of a place that is likely to have to volume on the Clippers game.

So leave a comment with suggestions of where you might watch the game in your neighborhood, and see if there are other Citizen of Clips Nation that are near you and want to meet you there. For me, I'll meet anywhere in Belmont Shore -- Legends is the obvious choice, though something tells me that's going to be more of a Kings crowd tonight.