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The Daily Clipper for May 17, 2012


Good Morning Clips Nation.-

Sorry for the delay in posting this Daily Clipper. I hope we are ready for tonight's game. The one that bothers me is how the media has said that the Spurs dismantled the Clippers, which to some extent it may be true. But what the media is not saying is that the two stars of the Clippers are banged up and not playing 100%. We know what a healthy Chris Paul and a healthy Blake Griffin can do when playing together. Having said that, other guys on the team need to step it up.

And for crying aloud, can someone please get Charles Barkley off the air? Does he dislike the Clippers for some reason? By the way, thanks Dr. Shaquille O'Neal for your support.

Anyways, here is your Clipper and NBA fix. Enjoy!


How San Antonio Contained Chris Paul - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
Despite having the best regular-season record, the San Antonio Spurs had some problems on defense — particularly containing ball handlers in pick-and-roll situations.

Can Less CP3 Be More CP3? " | Hang Time Blog
When the practice session was over, guard Nick Young headed straight to the dentist for a root canal.

Parker vs. Paul no All-Star showdown so far - NBA -
Hours before turning 30 years old, Tony Parker grinned Wednesday as though his lowest-scoring playoff game since his early twenties was an early birthday gift from the Los Angeles Clippers.

Paul, Clippers try to bounce back in San Antonio | Fox News
The San Antonio Spurs have been perfect through the postseason so far as they get ready to host the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals.Chris Paul and Company will take another shot at solving what's looking like a juggernaut...

Blogtable: Spotlight On Blake Griffin " | Hang Time Blog
Blake Griffin has been a little banged up, but we’re going there anyway: He can dunk, sure, but is he ready for the postseason spotlight?

Betting Lakers and Clippers to advance can make you rich
If you have faith in Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin there is money in your future.

Blake Griffin responds to flopping charges -
How does Blake Griffin feel about flopping? He's not too worried about it.

Clippers' Vinny Del Negro faces uphill coaching battle -
A loss to the San Antonio Spurs in Game 1 of their NBA playoff series has put some added pressure on Clippers' Coach Vinny Del Negro.

Injured Chris Paul, Blake Griffin remain Clippers' wild cards -
The problem is it's not clear whether Chris Paul and Blake Griffin can regain the top level against the Spurs as they battle the pain.

Bledsoe must start to give Clippers best chance against Spurs - NBA - Sporting News
In Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals, the Spurs dismantled the Clippers with stellar execution. They even slowed down Chris Paul, who managed only six points on 3-13 shooting. If the series continues like this, the Clippers will fall in four without much of a fight.

Around the League

Rondo doesn't pass up opportunity to show growth - Christopher Gasper's Blog - Boston sports news -
Rondo sent a message of his own, not just to Philadelphia, but to the rest the league that the days of identifying him as just a pass-first point guard have passed.

Staples Center Gets No Rest With Lakers, Clippers and Kings in Playoffs -
Staples Center in Los Angeles will be home to six postseason games in four days starting Thursday, as the Lakers, the Clippers and the Kings seek to advance.

Only NBA team needed for Seattle arena to move forward -
Chris Hansen, the Seattle native who wants to build a new multipurpose arena in Sodo, would need to secure only an NBA team before the city contributes public money help construct the new venue -- a departure from original reports that NBA and NHL franchises would both need to be secured.

NBA appoints new Competition (Rules) Committee -
Coaches Doc Rivers of Boston, Rick Carlisle of Dallas and Lionel Hollins of Memphis have been named to the NBA's Competition Committee.

Lakers' Ebanks, Bynum fined by NBA - Yahoo! Sports
The NBA has fined Lakers forward Devin Ebanks and center Andrew Bynum for separate violations during the team's second-round series against Oklahoma City.