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Clippers 98, Grizzlies 105- I Don't Know What To Say

The Clippers played well tonight. They did. It wasn't a great game however. And, unless you play your best game, you have a chance to leave the stadium with regrets.

Say what you will about the refs. Say the fix was in. Talk about the fouls and the free throw differential. The fact is that the Clippers turned it over 20 times. They had 9 less rebounds. They allowed 16 offensive boards.

Enough recapy talk. See you on Saturday.

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Straight Outta Vancouver

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JayQ has the most again.

Comment of the night:\


kinda sick of playing 5-on-8.

Clippers // Chargers // Rays // Boise State

by 82-0 on May2, 2012 7:34 PM PDT reply actions

Easy, Tim. Not everyone with spinal/neck problems is going to take your job.

"I seriously had the biggest grin after the first time, while at the same time not being able to breathe from the tension." - ronburgundy7427

LWSS 2012

by fanoftheunderdogs on May 2, 2012 8:03 PM PDT upreplyactions

Each get 10 points.

The winner of the Tim Kempton Comment of the Night Award:

weneed our snipers to start sniping!!!!

go cliplets!!

Clip Clip Hooray!

by timkemptonon May2, 2012 7:40 PM PDT reply actions

82-0: 110+10=120, stays in 7th

fanoftheunderdogs: 139+10=149, 4th

timkempton: 1+50=51, not last

Final(min. 100 comments):



3rd- LJ Hann






See you on Saturday, when we get the home refs!

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