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The Daily Clipper – Season Ending Edition

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I have to say, this was a great season to be a Clippers fan! To cheer for your team into May, is fun! I was at last night's game, and the atmosphere was great!
Expectations have been set high, and I know the FO will not disappoint. Here's looking to a good off-season!

It really was fun while it lasted for the Clippers --
I'm sitting here watching a game the Clippers have no chance of winning and it's still a hoot.

After season in spotlight, Paul exits early - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN
LOS ANGELES -- This season didn’t truly begin until Chris Paul got involved in it. After countless days of long, rhetoric-soaked meetings behi

VINCENT BONSIGNORE on THE CLIPPERS: Now that it's over, start thinking of a master plan - LA Daily News
Now, the real work begins. The Clippers as currently constructed went as far as they could in a seminal season that might prove to be the turning point for this formerly tormented franchise.

Twitter / @FlyByKnite: It took #Clippers 7 days t ...
It took #Clippers 7 days to play first 3 games against Memphis. It took them 8 days to play their final 5 games. And 14 days to play last 8. Makes for a tired team...

Spurs Nation " Gift for Duncan’s knee – another sweep
Gift for Duncan’s knee – another sweep

Clippers' Billups is frustrated by not being able to play |
Clippers' Billups is frustrated by not being able to play

Poll: Should Vinny Del Negro remain Clippers coach?
The team, which has a lot of decisions to make in free agency, has yet to pick up the option for 2012-13 on coach Vinny Del Negro.

Finished: Spurs edge Clippers to finish sweep –
The Clippers appeared to have put their Game 3 collapse behind them, but it still wasn't enough as the Spurs held on for a 102-99 win.


Los Angeles Clippers confident Blake Griffin, Chris Paul will stay in L.A. - ESPN Los Angeles
The Clippers say they are confident they'll be able to retain Chris Paul and Blake Griffin for a long time.

Los Angeles Clippers shouldn't hang their heads - ESPN Los Angeles
They may have a lot to learn, but the Clippers overachieved this season.

Clippers' future depends on Blake Griffin's growth - Yahoo! Sports
From Yahoo! Sports: The Spurs' 24-point comeback against the Clippers gives Blake Griffin another much-needed lesson.

Spurs close out school, season for Clippers with clean sweep | ProBasketballTalk
For the Spurs, it was another step toward their goal — they wanted plenty of rest before they take on the Thunder next series (sorry Lakers fans), now will get a week (rumors are the Western Conference Finals start May 28).

Clippers won’t complain about back-to-back games - Clippers blog : The Orange County Register
Before Game 4 Sunday at Staples Center, Reggie Evans wouldn’t say he was disappointed in it. He wouldn’t say he disagreed with it. But, he also wouldn’t say he understood...

Clippers swept by San Antonio - Clippers blog : The Orange County Register
Throughout the Clippers’ season, they’ve turned to Chris Paul to win the games. For the first three games of their series with the San Antonio Spurs, he couldn’t do it....

Clippers go down fighting - Clippers blog : The Orange County Register
Before the Clippers took the court Sunday night at Staples Center, no one with an ounce of common sense would have thought the Clippers could win. The Spurs had won...

Staples Center changes from NHL to NBA in 60 seconds : The Orange County Register
This time lapse video shows the 2-hour transformation of Staples Center from a Kings hockey game to a Clippers basketball game in a minute. Video by Eugene Garcia,