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The Daily Clipper – Now-What-Are-We-Supposed-To-Do Edition

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Well it's that time of year. When I try to get back to my normal routine, without the urgent need to check the Clippers game score on tv, phone, and/or radio...Will I watch the rest of the playoffs? Yes, the OKC-SAS matchup, I think, will be extremely entertaining to watch. Should a Heat-Celts match-up come out of the east, I will tune in. However, I will not have the same fervor of a clippers game. I will easily turn off any of the upcoming playoff games without an itch to look at my phone for the latest score. NBA basketball has turned from a "must have" to a "nice to have." How about for you?

Check after the jump for some news:

Chris Paul tells Clippers boss: This isn't going to happen again -
Clippers guard Chris Paul remained so tormented by his team’s four losses to the San Antonio Spurs that he felt the urge to immediately call General Manager Neil Olshey, even if it was around midnight.

Clippers savor the season, but the future is pressing -
Despite being swept out of playoffs by the Spurs, Clippers find many positives to take from their season. But the off-season will bring myriad issues, chief among them Coach Vinny Del Negro's status.

Clippers have set new standards for winning - Clippers blog : The Orange County Register
When your franchise hasn’t been to the postseason in six seasons and when your team has only won two playoff series in its history, a second-round loss in the...

Video: Williams, Jordan, Foye reflect - Los Angeles Clippers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
PLAYA VISTA, Calif. -- Here are exit interviews from Monday's media session with three Los Angeles Clippers who filled supporting roles for the 2011-2

Paul might be Clippers’ best recruiter in offseason - Clippers blog : The Orange County Register

NBA And NHL Playoffs: Does Anyone Really Care? : NPR
The NBA and NHL seasons are coming to a close, but as commentator Frank Deford points out, you couldn't be faulted for overlooking them.

NBA Draft Grades: Revisiting 2007, Where The Unspeakable Choice Was Born -
L.A. CLIPPERS Al Thornton (14), Jared Jordan (45) Grade: D Going into the draft, Thornton was pegged as an older volume scorer who did little else, especially on defense. Five years later, Thornton is pegged as a volume scorer who doesn't even do that well, and who does little else, especially on defense.

Clippers’ offseason full of questions officially begins - Clippers blog : The Orange County Register
After being swept out of the Western Conference playoffs Sunday night at Staples, Clipper players and staff gathered at the team’s practice facility to begin the process of building for...

The Bill Walton Trip's Photos - LockerDome