Nick Young has that Clipper Spirit


I just wanted to share Nick Young's twitter status with everyone. He posted a picture of himself (of course) with a fresh haircut with a Clipper hat! This was posted yesterday afternoon. If this does not show Nick's willingness to re-sign with his home team then I dunno what does. Also, I want to point out that Nick Young was a Restricted Free Agent last offseason and signed a Qualifying Offer of $3,695,857 with the Wizards. The way the new CBA is structure, a player like Nick Young is likely to get roughly $5 million (per year) this offseason. Regardless of Nick's great playoff showing this year, I feel like no (major) team will throw him big money, especially since there may be doubts about his usage percentage. But, all that Nick is guilty of is having major swag. I also want to point out that this is the same player who choose the less known basketball college (USC) over the big name basketball college (UCLA). Nick is the guy who essentially represents the underdog spirit of the Clippers. I am more than sure that he will be willing to come back! Swaggy P FTW!