Hornets win NBA draft lottery, ending chances of a Dwight Howard-for-Anthony Davis trade


The Magic will have to seek out the best potential deal. Although they would be under no obligation to trade Howard where Howard wants to go — and his first choice could be Brooklyn — Howard has leverage. Howard or his agent could tell potential Magic trade partners that he has no plans to re-sign with them for the long term. If that happens, many teams could decide it's not worth sending assets to the Magic for a player who could be only a one-season "rental." The Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors could have interest in obtaining Howard without a guarantee he'd re-sign with them. Or the Magic could attempt to secure some kind of deal from the Los Angeles Lakers, even though it seems Howard doesn't want to follow in the footsteps of Shaquille O'Neal, who left the Magic for the Lakers via free agency in 1996. It's possible Howard could add other teams to his list of potential trade destinations — possibly the Los Angeles Clippers or the New York Knicks, which, after all, are situated in large markets. Right now, the only certainty seems to be that there won't be a Howard-for-Davis swap.

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