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Clippers Vs. Grizzlies - Round 1 Game 4 - Third Quarter Open Thread

Use this thread for comments during the third quarter of Clippers-Grizzlies.

Is every game of this series simply destined to be close? The Clippers can't play a lot better than they did in that first half (though they did miss some makeable shots down the stretch of the half) but they're only up 6. Feels like they should be up more than 51-45.

One thing the Clippers are doing a GREAT job of is taking care of the ball. They only had seven turnovers in the first half -- and NONE of them were live ball turnovers (i.e. no steals for the Grizz). I guess that's one main reason I feel like the Clippers should be up more at halftime.

Zach Randolph has some issues with the Clippers right now. Reggie Evans is defending the crap out of him, and Blake Griffin is in his head on the other end. I've seen this look in Z-Bo's eyes before -- he's about to throw a punch.

For a few moments in the second quarter, Nick Young versus his old teammate Gilbert Arenas was the matchup the Clippers were working.

The Clippers made their first 10 free throws... but made just half of their next 8. Which explains a bit why they scored so much better in the first quarter, since they didn't give away any chances. They also missed all their threes in the second quarter.

Eric Bledsoe is simply a freak. His block on Marreese Speights was absolutely nuts. He saw that Blake was beaten and went flying down to help. I thought "What does he think he's going to do?", but damn if he didn't make the block. Clippers got a lob dunk on the other end. The second time in the game they've turned a block on one end into a lob dunk on the other end.