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The GM Search: No Decision Imminent, but List in Place

While the Clippers are currently operating without a General Manager, Broderick Turner reports that there is a list of candidates that VP Andy Roeser is considering for the position.

The Clippers are not expected to have a GM in place by the NBA Draft on Thursday night, or even by the start of the Free Agency Moratorium on July 1st. It is unclear if there will be a GM when pen begins to touch paper on July 10th. Until the new General Manager is found, Clippers fans will have to trust Roeser, Vinny Del Negro, and Gary Sacks with the Draft and Free Agency.

Executives on the Clippers' List:

So, there you go. Finally, a list. Now we can really start speculating.

I like DiLeo the most on this list, I think. Philadelphia seems to have put something good together.

I'm not sure how I feel about Griffin and Perry, as the Cavs and Pistons have struggled to put together good rosters recently, and Detroit has given out some horrendous contracts.

While it doesn't necessarily mean anything, I'm wary of the "Former" tag on Kiki, Warkentien, and Nash. Why did they get fired before? Why can't they find a job now?

Weltman is intriguing as injuries have made it hard to see how good Milwaukee's roster really is. He also used to work in the Clippers' FO.

And, of course, we all know about Sacks' 18 years with the Clippers by now.