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The Top 10 Moments of the Clippers 2012 Season

I felt bad about not being able to include a Trey celebration in the top 25- they were classic.  So he gets his picture on the front page as a consolation.
I felt bad about not being able to include a Trey celebration in the top 25- they were classic. So he gets his picture on the front page as a consolation.

Well, folks, it's over. Even though the Clippers finished up their season a little over a month ago, the last game of the Finals has finally been played, and the 2011-2012 lockout-shortened season is wrapped up.

Every team has its moments. Even the Charlotte Bobcats, with their worst-in-history record had some highlights this season (I haven't found any yet, but I'm sure that they exist somewhere). Even the terrible Clippers teams of the past few years had their moments. Remember Steve Novak's game winner against the Nets? Or the original 'Mozgof'?

Well, I think that it's safe to say that this year was different. There's some debate on this, but I think that we just witnessed the best team in Clippers history. And they came with a ton of excitement. I'll be honest- this was supposed to be a top 10 list. But I couldn't bring myself to cut over half of the videos that I found. So here's 25 of the top moments of the Clippers 2012 Season.

The plain text underneath each video is the youtube title with the uploader in parenthesis. My comment on each is in the blockquote underneath.

Moment #10: Blake Griffin Steal and Dunk at the Buzzer

Blake Griffin steal and dunk in final seconds before halftime: Grizzlies at Clippers (via watchnba2012)

With just seconds left in the half, Griffin steals the inbounds pass and dunks over Speights as time expires in the Clippers opening-round series against the Grizzlies.

Moment #9: Chris Paul Game Winner vs. OKC

Chris Paul awesome game winning drive vs. Thunder (Apr 11, 2012) (via thehoopscene)

Coming down the wire against Western Conference rivals Oklahoma City, Chris Paul drives and flips in a layup with seconds remaining in the game to take the lead and win the game.

Moment #8: Chris Paul Game Winner in Philadelphia

CP3 hits game winner in Philly! (via NBA)

As time runs down in Philadelphia, Chris Paul hits a turnaround stepback over Iggy to cement an impressive Clippers road win.

Moment #7: Chris Paul Save To Bledsoe

Chris Paul`s Will to Win (via NBA)

Chris Paul steals the ball, dives on the floor to secure it, and then somehow sees Bledsoe filling the lane and flips the ball over his head to Bledsoe for a monster slam.

Moment #6: Clippers Win Game 7 In Memphis

NBA CIRCLE - Game 7 Clippers Vs Grizzlies Playoffs First Round Highlights 13 May 2012 (via NEWNBACIRCLE)

After allowing Memphis to win games 5 and 6 to force a game 7 in Grizzly territory, the Clippers went into Memphis, played grit'n'grind basketball in one of the most physical games of the 21st Century, and came out victorious. This game was a true test of this team's character.

Moment #5: Clippers Win In Utah- Reggie Evans Game Winning Rebound

Reggie Evans game clinching rebound vs Jazz 2/2/12 (via Clippersfan86)

As Utah fails to convert on a buzzer beater and the Clippers win in Utah for the first time in my memory, Reggie Evans pulls down the final rebound and is mobbed by his teammates.

Moment #4: Four Threes in 52 Seconds

Clippers hit four 3's in less than 90 seconds! (via NBA)

At the end of the first half against OKC, the Clippers hit three after three after three after three to put together a 12-0 run in the blink of an eye and put a huge gap in between the Clippers and the Thunder.

Moment #3: Chauncey Billups Game Winner Against Dallas

Mavericks Vs Clippers - Chauncey Billups' Game-Winner - (18-1-2012) (via FunkyAxel11)

With seconds remaining and the Clippers trailing against the reigning NBA Champions, Chauncey Billups passes the ball into Blake Griffin, and then runs behind Griffin for a handoff and a screen as he drains the game winning trey with one second left on the clock. Mr. Big Shot, indeed.

Moment #2: Clippers 26-1 Run in Game 1 In Memphis To Take the Lead

Crazy 26-1 Run Clippers vs Grizzlies NBA Playoffs 2012 Game 1 (via Green Denny)

After being blown out embarrassingly all game long in their playoff opener, the Clippers went on an outrageous run to close the game. The main part of this run was a 26-1 spurt sparked by Bledsoe, Paul, Young, and Evans. Reggie and Bledsoe brought intensity defensively and Paul hit Nick Young for the biggest moment of his career- three consecutive longballs within one minute of each other to pull the Clippers back into the game right when they were on the brink of failure.

What could possibly top that?

Moment #1: Clippers Acquire Chris Paul

Chris Paul to the Clippers (via NBAGamesBich)

Pretty much everything this season was because of Chris Paul. He's a true superstar with an amazing competitive nature. He fuels everything that happens on the court for the Clippers. Paul is the main contributor to the Clippers success, not only this season, but hopefully for years to come.

That's it. You just relived the top moments of the 2012 season. Sitting on the edge of your seat, holding your breath, anxious for victory. It was a great year both for the Clippers and for Clips Nation.