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The Top 25 Moments of the Clippers 2012 Season #25-#11

Well, folks, it's over. Even though the Clippers finished up their season a little over a month ago, the last game of the Finals has finally been played, and the 2011-2012 lockout-shortened season is wrapped up.

Every team has its moments. Even the Charlotte Bobcats, with their worst-in-history record had some highlights this season (I haven't found any yet, but I'm sure that they exist somewhere). Even the terrible Clippers teams of the past few years had their moments. Remember Steve Novak's game winner against the Nets? Or the original 'Mozgof'?

Well, I think that it's safe to say that this year was different. There's some debate on this, but I think that we just witnessed the best team in Clippers history. And they came with a ton of excitement. I'll be honest- this was supposed to be a top 10 list. But I couldn't bring myself to cut over half of the videos that I found. So here's the start of 25 of the top moments of the Clippers 2012 Season.

The plain text underneath each video is the youtube title with the uploader in parenthesis. My comment on each is in the blockquote underneath.

Moment #25: Reggie Evans Gives Blake Griffin the Finger

Reggie Evans fait un doigt d'honneur à un fan (via MrBasketUSA)

In the first half against the Hornets, Reggie grabs a rebound and puts it back for the and one. Blake has an unknown joke on the sideline, and Reggie, uhm, responds.

Moment #24: Blake Griffin Breaks Joakim Noah's Ankles

Blake Griffin breaks Joakim Noah's ankles, dunks with two hands - Bulls at Clippers (via AwaRone)

In one of the first games of the season, way back in December, Blake blows by Noah for a powerful slam. More Blake to come...

Moment #23: Blake Griffin Dunks on Kris Kardashian Humphries

Blake Griffin's lefty dunk on Kris Humphries (via outsidethenba)

Foye drives baseline and dumps it off to Blake for a monster left-handed finish.

Moment #22: Blake Griffin Dunks on Channing Frye

Blake Griffin punches dunk over Channing Frye: Phoenix Suns at Los Angeles Clippers (via watchnba2012)

Another day, another Mozgof. Blake follows up with an alley-oop.

Moment #21: Caron Butler Converts Over the Backboard

Caron Butler's and 1 rainbow shot (via NBA)

Against Golden State, Caron goes baseline and converts the circus shot for the 3 point play.

Moment #20: Blake Griffin Dunks on Serge Ibaka

Blake Griffin dunks on Serge Ibaka (via LobCityClipps)

Not even his most impressive over a Thunder big...

Moment #19: Clippers Beat Houston in Over Time

Clippers Vs Rockets - Game Recap (OT) - (4-3-2012) (via FunkyAxel11)

Chris Paul leads the Clippers to an OT victory in Houston.

Moment #18: Chris Paul Dunk

Chris Paul Dunk - Clippers vs Warriors - 04/15/2012 (via PosterDunk)

Chris Paul shocks the Clippers sideline- including Ralph Lalwer- by throwing it down on the break against the Warriors.

Moment #17: Blake Griffin Double-Pump Dunk

Blake Griffin Double-Pump Dunk vs Lakers - 1/25 (via GDSeasonClips)

Blake drives past Gasol, leaves his feet, and double-pumps past Bynum for the two-handed slam.

Moment #16: Blake Griffin Posterizes Pau Gasol Twice

Blake Griffin posterizes Pau Gasol twice in the same game (2012.04.04) (via kietasss)

Blake goes hard after Gasol twice in the same game- first on the offensive glass, and second on a hard drive to the rim.

Moment #15: Blake Griffin Dunks on the Thunder, Revisited

Blake Griffin POSTERIZES Kendrick Perkins "DUNK OF THE YEAR" OMG!!! (via BlakeGriffinChannel)

With what some argue is not just Blake's dunk of the year, but the DOY for all players, Griffin goes through the motions of a classic Mozgof: he jumps, absorbs the contact, hangs in the air for a moment, and then powers through to finish the dunk.

Moment #14: Chris Paul Jr.'s "Blake Face"

Chris Paul's Son Makes "The Blake Face" (via NBA)

Chris Paul Jr. imitates Blake Griffin's staredown in a press conference. Why yes, he is already more famous than you.

Moment #13: Clippers Beat the Lakers

Lakers vs Clippers Jan 14 2012 Highlight: Lakers Lose 94-102 (via lakerticketsandgames)

In their first regular season meeting since the Clippers became relevant, Chris Paul leads the Clips past the Lakers, despite pulling his hamstring in the process.

Moment #12: Clippers Beat the Heat in Over Time

Heat Vs Clippers - Game Recap (OT) - (11-1-2012) (via FunkyAxel11)

The Clippers remained undefeated against Miami since LeBron took his talents to South Beach with an intense and controversial win over the Heat in OT.

Moment #11: Clippers Win Game 4 Against the Grizzlies in Over Time

Grizzlies (4) Vs Clippers (5) - Game 4 Recap (OT) - (1st Round - 2012 Nba Playoffs) (via FunkyAxel11)

Trying to maintain home-court advantage agianst Memphis in the opening round of the playoffs, the Clippers, led again by Chris Paul, managed to win a close game against Memphis in OT.