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T Minus 20 Hours Until Draft Time

Well, we made it through today, which was the craziest day yet in terms of trade rumors. It's now 8:00 pacific, making it 11:00 eastern, so I'm guessing that the trading is over for today.

We can, after all that, breath again. And I can stand up from my couch and go play basketball (I've been rooted on twitter and CN for the last few hours). So all is well. Hat tip to agolden for something like 100 links/tweets in the last thread, keeping everyone up to speed and saving all the other readers a trip to their twitter feed.

We are now 20 hours away from draft time, and that makes for 23-ish hours away from the Clippers' selection. But don't be surprised if there is a move tomorrow involving Mo Williams, Lamar Odom, the Lakers' TPE, and a pick or two.

Not to mention about a dozen other trades that seem just about ready to go down including Dwight Howard and Kyle Lowry.

Stay Tuned, and use this thread overnight. We'll be back with a new thread in the morning.

Let me know your top 10 mock in the comments