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Blake Griffin (Probably) Agrees to Five Year Extension


Five minutes after I posted this Ken Berger tweeted that the Clipper's made the offer, but Griffin hasn't yet accepted it. So... this all seems likely (maybe his agent released the info). Ramona Shelburne seems to agree with Berger. Sigh. Nothing's easy.

Ironic that it's me who gets to put this on the front page (I've questioned Griffin's willingness to sign an extension for awhile) but according to the LA Times, Griffin agreed to a five-year 95 million dollar extension this evening. No news yet if there's an option year, but that's not a big deal.

Simultaneously, and not unexpectedly Chris Paul declined to sign a three-year max extension. He'll make a lot more dough by waiting til next year. Brad Turner also reports that Clips are making an offer to Chauncey Billups.

Great news for Blake Griffin. Great news for the Clips. Great news for us fans.