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Climb down off the ledge, Mary. Come inside and let's talk about this.

This is what we know:

1. Blake Griffin injured his left knee in a practice with Team USA, yesterday (?) This morning it was swollen and it hurt. He's flying to LA apparently to see Doctor Neal ElAttrache, the orthopedic surgeon who did surgery on the left kneecap back in 2010.
2. There is no such thing as a Clipper curse. Players get injured, sometimes those players happen to be LA Clippers. If you think the Clippers are cursed you are ignorant or stupid, probably both. Yes, it's ironic that this happened two days after he signed his contract, but that's all it is, ironic. (Or is it coincidental? Read the thread.)
3. ElAttrache is one of the top orthopaedic surgeons in the business. (He's the guy who fixed Tom Brady's shoulder, last time I looked he's still throwing 60 yard bombs). Griffin couldn't be in better hands.
4. We don't know anything other than Griffin's knee hurts and he's on his way home. We don't know that he's not playing in the Olympics, we don't know if he needs surgery, or that this incident is indicative of a more serious problem. Any other diagnosis is conjecture. I don't care if you did have knee surgery back in high school and now you walk with a cane... Griffin's injury is probably not be the same.