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Okay, now we know a little more...

As Citizen agolden reported below, LA Times reporter Broderick Turner has filed a report telling us a little more about Blake Griffin's knee injury which happened at a Team USA scrimmage yesterday. Griffin has a tear in the meniscus of his left knee. While this is the same knee that was operated on two years ago (to repair a kneecap fracture) the two injuries appear unrelated. Neal ElAttrache will perform arthoscopic surgery to repair the tear.

I'm no doctor and no expert, but I know a little bit about athletes and the meniscus because I wrote this piece about Chris Paul's knees back in December. I did as much research as the web would allow and I think I found out a lot. You should take a look at that for reference:


More after the break:

Yes, on the surface the injury is similar to Chris Paul's injury back in '10, though Paul's was apparently a rather severe tear. There is every indication that Griffin's is not nearly as radical. But, orthopedists will tell you, you never know until you "get in there". That's the way it was with Paul, the surgical team had every intention of repairing the tear, stitching it up and allowing it to heal, but when they looked into the knee they discovered the damage was too severe for repair so they took the damage cartilage (one of the two meniscus) out.

So Chris Paul has one meniscus instead of two. Hopefully, they won't do that with Griffin, instead they'll try and repair what's there. But, and here's the thing: we might never know what actually happens....

We know that Caron Butler suffered a knee injury a year and a half ago. But we know none of the details. We know that Eric Bledsoe suffered an injury last offseason (less than a year ago), but we know almost nothing about the damage, the surgery, or where the injury actually happened. Both players recovered but... doctors don't talk about surgeries, players don't talk about injuries and teams don't give you anything. That's the way it is.

Griffin is expected to stay off the floor for the next eight weeks... which sounds a tad optimistic, but not all pie-in-the-sky. On the nether end, Chris Paul missed 37 games in 2010, tried to come back too early, and wore an unwieldy brace for the rest of the season. But Paul's injury MAY have been more severe than Griffin's. Right now, no one can say.