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Clippers Summer League Roster

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The LA Clippers have also announced their NBA Las Vegas Summer League roster. Summer league started in Las Vegas yesterday but the Clips don't play until Monday. The NBA says that all the games are televised by NBA TV (though I'm not exactly sure what that means). You can find the entire schedule here.

Summer league is a funny animal. The players play no defense and the rosters are generally composed of rookies and second year players looking to get work, and desperate veterans and non-draftees looking for camp invites. For most teams this is a chance to get at look at the rookies your team just drafted. But the Clips of course have no draft picks. None, not even second-rounders like last year. Some teams are also looking for specific kinds of players to fill out their camp rosters. The Clips fall into this second category. In the Clips case, there's a lot of centers this year... and a bunch of six-foot point guards, because, you know, they sent out Mo Williams, and you can never have enough. I guess.

I'm going player by player after the break.

Eric Bledsoe - Clippers third year, 6'1" semi-point guard. It's not often we see third-year players in summer league, though it's notoriously point guard friendly... and undisciplined, exactly the kind of environment Bledsoe thrives in but doesn't really need. I'm betting we'll see Bledsoe only every other game and probably only in the first half, where he'll blow by people, score ten or fifteen and retire to the bench.
Travis Leslie - Clippers 2nd year guard, 6'4" - Leslie has to show something here and/or in training camp. Look for him to be in major jack-it-up mode. It's interesting, because if he's going to make the Clips roster, it should be as a situational defender. But you're not going to see that here.
Trey Thompkins - Clippers 2nd year6'10" forward - Clips would like to see more out of this guy, but has a guaranteed contract so he'll likely make the Clippers squad however he plays. A lot of Clipper fans see him as that elusive "stretch four". A lot of other Clipper fans would like to see him rebound and play defense. Summer league isn't really big friendly, and I'm thinking Thompkins won't show much here.
Hilton Armstrong - Center - 2006 Hornet's draftee, 5-year NBA experience, played in Europe last year. He's big. He's never done much but I always liked his name.
Talor Battle - 6', 23 year old point guard out of Penn State. Spent the last few years in Europe.
Marcus Hubbard - 6'9" big man now 28 years old who was invited to the Clips camp last year and lasted a while.
Chris Hunter - 6'11 center, another 28 year old, went to the Knicks camp last year and has spent time with the Warriors.
Mickey McConnell - 6 foot point guard, four-year player at Saint Marys, 23. Spent last year in Europe. Another 6' guard. Vinny Del Negro loves the miniatures.
Gary McGee - 6-11, center, played for the Thunder summer league last year and spent time in eastern Europe. Are we seeing a theme here. Yes, we are.
Cameron Moore - A 6'10, four year forward out of Alabama-Birmingham. 21 years-old. He's skinny which is a trait he shares with Kevin Durant. But he's probably not as good.
Adam Morrison - About to turn 28, hasn't played in the league in two years. I fully expect Morrison to light up summer league... and fail to garner an invitation to an NBA camp.
Terrico White - A 6'3 guard with good handles, athletic, there's YouTube videos of this guy doing some serious dunking. A second round pick two years ago, who played in the d-league last year and averaged 13 points.
Antoine Wright - 6-7 wing. Another 28 year-old with a lot of NBA experience. He's been a rotation player in New Jersey, Dallas, and Sacramento. His NBA average is 5.4 points and almost 20 minutes a game over 6 years. Spent most of the last two years in Europe.

Update 1:39 pm. Travis Leslie is out of summer league with a strained left caft and Chris Hunter is out as well with an Achilles injury. From Brad Turner, LA Times