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Monday Morning Clipper Ramble - Clips Going to China, Details of Crawford's Deal, More...

- ESPN is reporting the Clips are headed to China for the pre-season. Two games are scheduled against the Miami Heat on October 11 and 14 in Beijing and Shanghai. A lot of us remember the Clippers journey to Russia before the 2006-7 season. Clipper coach Mike Dunleavy blamed the Clips poor start that season on that Russian trip. The Clips will be gone from training camp for what looks like around 5 to 7 days. That's a big hole for a team that's had little time on the practice floor.

Of course it's easy to see why the NBA chose the Clippers to play against the Heat with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin... but will Griffin even make the trip after knee surgery (scheduled for this week)?

- Citizen chargerclipperfan posted a fan shot reporting the details of Jamal Crawford's contract. (The source is Mark Deeks, a name I didn't recognize... until I did a tiny bit of research and discovered that he's the Shamsports guy... who publishes what's become the most reliable and detailed list of NBA payrolls.) Anyway, he has Crawford's salary at 21.5M for four years, but BOTH the final two years have only $1.5M guaranteed. If that's true it should cool the brows of those who thought Crawford's deal too rich... or lengthy.

- The Phoenix Suns won the amnesty bid for Luis Scola and promptly amnestied Josh Childress. Of course it wasn't that long ago that a few of us around here desperately wanted Childress on the Clips. Phoenix still owes three years on his 5/33.5M deal but he never made it into the rotation for the Suns. (Hat tip to C. KidJustin).

- Regarding the fanshot linking to Dan Woike's tweet about Martell Webster: Woike says "...Expect the ‪#Clippers‬ to show some interest in Martell Webster now that he cleared waivers...." He doesn't say "the Clippers have interest" or anything regarding inside info or the Clips actual interest. His guess is as good as yours or mine. I think the C. agolden's fanshot is somewhat misleading (however unintentional) so I edited it and moved it to the sidebar.