Hakeem Olajuwon costs $50,000 a week for his services

"Stoudemire will spend two weeks with Hakeem Olajuwon in Houston next month. The cost of learning The Dream Shake? $50,000 a week is what we were told. Now, we don't know of Olajuwon is charging Stoudemire full price, but Amar'e plans to get bang for his buck. He said he plans to memorize every lesson so he can expand his game to include one or two go-to moves on the post." -Allan Hahn If your thinking what I'm thinking... DeAndre Jordan should get his @ss on a plane and fly to Amman, Jordan and move in to Hakeem's house in the desert and don't come back till training camp like Rocky in Russia training in the snow to fight Detlef Schrempf. 11 weeks times $50k per week equals about half a million. He can afford it. Ok... I'll stop the rant.