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US Downs France 98-71

Maybe it was the early hour, but that was one sleepy, ragged contest. Kevin Durant scored 22. Lebron had 8 assists. Tony Parker had 10 points for the Frenchies and played with some cool space goggles. He looked like aqua-man.

There were a lot of whistles, especially in the first half, so Mike Kryzy Coach K went to his bench and came up with another handful of all-stars. The US is embarrassingly powerful and France is actually supposed to be pretty good. They might have had a chance if the US lent them LeBron and one or two other guys.

You can read more here.

Next up is Tunisia who qualified by winning the 2011 African FIBA championship. I believe the game will take place around 2pm Pacific on Tuesday but I'm still trying to figure it out. It will probably be a slaughter.