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Who Do the Clippers Really Want at Shooting Guard?


Yeah, POV is limited, but watching the Clips aggregate GM in operation this offseason is like watching a dog trying to decide where it hid its bone.

Yesterday the reports were that the Clips were about to offer Jamal Crawford a three year mid-level deal. Along with that they apparently put an incentive-laden offer on the table for Chauncey Billups. This morning there was a report that Ray Allen had scheduled a meeting with the Clips to take place on Friday (see C's Up's fanshot below).

A few minutes ago, twitter started burning up with a report (Marc Spears is here) that Jason Terry had agreed to a deal with the Boston Celtics (for three years at the mid-level). If that's true and he leaves the Mavs, would Allen have any interest in returning to the Celts? With Avery Bradley on the payroll how much time will Doc Rivers actually find for Ray... who is reportedly distressed at the loss of his starting job. Is this a good sign for the Clippers?

What's happening with Nick Young? Do the Clippers have any interest in bringing him back?

Who do the Clippers want at shooting guard next year? Who do they want as a backup?

I don't know if anyone's noticed, but the Clippers don't really have a backup at small forward, either. There's Ryan Gomes, but will he even make the roster, or will he be amnestied? I suppose Lamar Odom could do time at the three, but he really hasn't played sf in a while. Is that the plan?

Can any of the names we've been hearing as candidates at the two swing to the three? Billups spent most of his career as a point guard and is already a very small two, Crawford is tall but only weighs 185 pounds. Ray Allen? Nick Young might be the one candidate who can swing to the three, but he doesn't rebound, doesn't go to the rim and doesn't get to the line. Yikes.

Leaving the guards for a while, why the interest in Ryan Hollins? I've been barking about the Clippers needing a long backup at the five, but is Hollins the only choice?

Is this GM-by-committee the way the Clips are going into the future? Is Vinny Del Negro the loudest voice in the room? Could it be that the coach who seemed to be blindfolded, ready to walk the plank a few months ago is now the face of the franchise? Really?