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USA Vs. Tunisia -- Day 2 of Olympic Basketball Pool Play -- Open Thread


There are 12 teams in the Olympic basketball tournament. Eleven of those teams have at least one current NBA player. Eleven of those teams have multiple players who have played basketball in the United States, either at the NBA or NCAA level. I could write a reasonably complete analysis of eleven of those teams.

And then there is Tunisia.

I know nothing about Tunisia. Of the 12 players on the roster, 10 play professionally in Tunisia and two play in Egypt, and as it happens I don't really follow the North African leagues so closely. None of them, as far as I know, played collegiately in the US. These guys are completely unknown to me, and probably to Team USA also.

They were good enough to qualify for the Olympics by winning the African qualifying tournament. But they won't be good enough to play with the US, not even for a quarter. This one will be a laugher, with Anthony Davis getting plenty of minutes.

The game tips off at 2:15 pacific. It will be shown on the NBA Sports channel (the one that used to be called Versus) and on the Olympic basketball channel, if that's available on your cable system.

You can use this thread to discuss Olympic hoops all day. USA-Tunisia is the final game of six which kicks off with China-Russia at one in the morning here in California.