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Clippers Agree to Deal with Jamal Crawford and Chauncey Billups...


Lawler's Law has it up as a fanshot of course, but an hour or so ago, the LA Clippers agreed to a four year deal worth somewhere between 24 and 25 million dollars. The details are, so far incomplete. There are reports that the contract is filled with bonuses and the last year or the last two years might not be fully guaranteed.

Chauncey Billups is reported to have agreed to a one year deal at $4.3M including bonuses... and the Clippers cancelled the reported meeting with Ray Allen scheduled for Friday. So... the Clips have filled their holes at the two guard. It remains to be seen who will be the starter by the end of the year.

Crawford, 2010's sixth man of the year isn't Ray Allen, he's certainly not as good as Allen in his prime, nor is he as old, nor is he coming off injury. Crawford isn't Courtney Lee either, he doesn't defend as well, but he also scores more and hands out more assists. Crawford is also infinitely better answer at the two guard slot or sixth man than Mo Williams. He's also almost certainly better in my eyes than Nick Young, last year's last minute answer at the two-spot. He's as good a shooter, better decision-maker, and better in almost every other facet of the game, except, perhaps on-man defense.

Billups played great for the Clippers last year before his injury. His shooting, toughness, brains, and ability to get to the line were essential elements in changing the Clipper's culture last year. His presence on this year's squad will certainly be welcome back.

I think he makes the Clippers immediately better and deeper than the team they fielded last year.

I'll post more as we get it.