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USA Squeezes Spain 107-100 for Gold Medal


Finally, finally, NBC put the game on their home network (and didn't chop it up in-between rhythmic gymnastics and syncrhonized diving).

In a tightly fought, high-scoring match, the USA Olympic Men's Basketball team took on Spain and won 107-100. Kevin Durant had 30 points, Lebron James 19, and Kobe Bryant had 17, but it was Chris Paul (11) and Lebron James that iced it for the US in the fourth quarter.

Not that it was easy. Pau Gasol (24 points) showed why he's still one of the best big men in the game throughout, with sneaky up-and-unders, running hooks, and a variety of slip-screens. Unfortunately for the Spaniards, Pau's brother, Marc Gasol (19) was forced to sit out much of the second half with four fouls, the last two picked up in the closing minutes of the first half. Juan-Carlos Navarro had 19 first half points that kept the Spanish team within one point at the break but finished with 21.

Boxscore is here. I've noticed that everyone is pinning this victory on King James, but the US isn't in this at all without Paul. He put up a killer three and a pair of driving layups in the fourth... all with Lebron on the bench with four fouls.

For you Clipper fans, Chris Paul is all you think he is and more.