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NBA Cult Classics -- Around SBNation with Cult Classic Players

Bo Outlaw 1997
Bo Outlaw 1997

Here's a roundup of all of the SBNation posts about Cult Classic NBA players this week. Bo Outlaw made the cut for both the Clippers and the Magic. Almost makes me wish I had written about little Earl.

When we first had the idea of a series of posts for NBA Cult Classics, I had a suspicion that the long and the short of it would be mostly very long and very short. That is, that the various fan favorites from NBA teams would tend to be the very, very tall guys that never made it much past project status but who nonetheless won a place in the hearts of fans (think Manute Bol or Gheorghe Muresan) or the diminutive guys, like Muggsy Bogues and Earl Boykins, the guys you just have to love because after all, they have no business playing NBA basketball at that size.

Indeed, on the list of Cult Classics in Clippers history, both the 7'3" Keith Closs and the 5'5" Boykins rank in the top four, though they were ultimately beaten out by Bo Outlaw.

League-wide, the bigs and the littles are certainly well represented -- Bol, Hamed Haddadi and Arvydas Sabonis representing the Warriors, Grizzlies and Blazers, Spud Webb and Tyus Edney carrying the banner for the Hawks and the Kings. But there's a great diversity in the choices overall.

If you were looking for the single common characteristic for most of these Cult Classics, it would probably be energy. The vast majority of these players would invariably be described as "energy guys" and that makes sense for a fan favorite. These are the guys that were great teammates, that could change a game by diving for loose balls or playing some scrappy defense, even if they weren't the most talented players on their teams. Oh, and we even have a shoot out from a WNBA Cult Classic!

Here's a list of Cult Classic posts from around SBNation's tremendous collection of NBA Blogs --

NBA Cult Classics -- Charlotte Bobcats -- Walter Herrmann -- Rufus on Fire
The Bobcats have had more than their fair share of players drifting in and out of the locker room, leaving fans with many players to latch onto as a lovable cult favorite. But which one player in Charlotte Bobcats history is the most cult classic-y?

NBA Cult Classics -- Milwaukee Bucks -- Ranking the All-Time Fan Favorites -- Brew Hoop
Brew Hoop looks back at some of the Milwaukee Bucks' most memorable cult favorites, including Darvin Ham, Marty Conlon, Paul Mokeski and Brad Lohaus.

NBA Cult Classics - Chicago Bulls -- Viktor Khryapa -- Blog a Bull
Always zagging when others zig, BlogABull's installment in NBA Cult Classics naturally looks fondly to spectacular failure.

NBA Cult Classics -- Boston Celtics -- Brian Scalabrine -- CelticsBlog
With all the respect deserved and earned, you cannot separate the man and his totally legit NBA career from the sideshow that surrounds him because of his complexion and the hue of his hair.

NBA Cult Classics -- Atlanta Hawks -- Spud Webb -- Peachtree Hoops
Peachtree Hoops proudly tabs Spud Webb as the Atlanta Hawks Cult Classic pick. Webb provided excitement and energy for a Hawks team that was already brimming with excitement with Dominique Wilkins in the house.

NBA Cult Classics -- New York Knicks -- So Many to Choose From -- Posting and Toasting
Miss u, Cheikh Samb.

NBA Cult Classics -- Orlando Magic -- Bo Outlaw -- Orlando Pinstriped Post
Orlando Pinstriped Post salutes Bo Outlaw as the Orlando Magic's cult-classic player.

NBA Cult Classics -- Indiana Pacers -- The Davises -- Indy Cornrows
Indy Cornrows honors the Davis boys, Antonio and Dale.

NBA Cult Classics -- Detroit Pistons -- Jonas Jerebko -- Detroit Bad Boys
Jonas Jerebko is the Pistons' Cult Classic.

NBA Cult Classics -- Toronto Raptors -- Morris Peterson -- Raptors HQ
Raptors HQ pays tribute to MoPete.

NBA Cult Classics -- Philadelphia 76ers -- Todd MacCulloch -- Liberty Ballers
Former Sixers/Nets big man Todd MacCulloch is the most recent Sixers cult player.

NBA Cult Classics -- Washington Wizards -- DeShawn Stevenson -- Bullets Forever
DeShawn Stevenson is the Washington Wizards' cult player of choice for SB Nation.

NBA Cult Classics -- Los Angeles Clippers -- Bo Outlaw -- Clips Nation
Clips Nation can't resist the bundle of energy that is Bo Outlaw, who becomes the only player to make the list of Cult Classics for two separate franchises.

NBA Cult Classics -- Memphis Grizzlies -- Hamed Haddadi -- Straight Outta Vancouver
Hamed Haddadi is Memphis's cult classic player. Fans love him, and he's good, but nobody outside of Memphis ever seems to pay much attention to him.

NBA Cult Classics -- Utah Jazz -- Kyrylo Fesenko - SLC Dunk
SLC Dunk praises the Astoundingly Irreplaceable Kyrylo Fesenko.

NBA Cult Classics -- Sacramento Kings -- Tyus Edney -- Sactown Royalty
Exploring Tyus Edney, Kings Cult Hero.

NBA Cult Classics -- Sacramento Kings -- These Are a Few of My Favorite Hipster Kings -- Sactown Royalty
One Kings fan's top five hipster cult classics.

NBA Cult Classics -- Sacramento Kings -- It's Not a Cult, It's a Club! - Sactown Royalty
A rundown of some more of the Kings' cult classics from the Sacramento era.

NBA Cult Classics -- Los Angeles Lakers -- Adam Morrison -- Silver Screen and Roll
Adam Morrison is a Los Angeles Lakers Cult Classic.

NBA Cult Classics -- Dallas Mavericks -- Popeye Jones and Brian Cardinal -- Mavs Moneyball
Mavs Moneyball gives us to Cult Classics for the price of one!

NBA Cult Classics -- Denver Nuggets -- Scott Hastings -- Denver Stiffs
Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no other player in Nuggets history ... outside of Joe Wolf ... who epitomizes "Stiff" as much as one man. He has become a legend in my mind as well as his own. The Nuggets' ultimate cult classic player... Scott Hastings

NBA Cult Classic -- Houston Rockets -- Chuck Hayes -- The Dream Shake
Chuck Hayes, the Rockets' cult classic.

NBA Cult Classics -- Phoenix Suns -- Louis Amundson -- Bright Side Of The Sun
Today is LOUIS AMUNDSON day at BSotS. The Phoenix Suns have more than 40 years of history, but rarely do Cult Heros last decades before being replaced. Such is the case with Lou.

NBA Cult Classics -- Oklahoma City Thunder -- Robert Swift -- Welcome to Loud City
Though the Oklahoma City Thunder have only existed for four years (last time I checked), it's still nice to step back and take a look at some of the history we've developed over that period of time.

NBA Cult Classics -- Minnesota Timberwolves -- Corey Brewer -- Canis Hoopus
Canis Hoopus pays tribute to goat lover Corey Brewer.

NBA Cult Classics -- Portland Trail Blazers -- Arvydas Sabonis -- Blazer's Edge
A discussion of the biggest cult hero in Portland Trail Blazer history, Arvydas Sabonis.

NBA Cult Classics -- Golden State Warriors -- Manute Bol -- Golden State Of Mind
Don Nelson produced quite a few fan favorites in his time with the Golden State Warriors, but few can claim as far-reaching an impact as 7-foot-7 center Manute Bol.

WNBA Cult Classics -- Phoenix Mercury -- Brooke Smith -- Swish Appeal
Comparable to the likes of a Darko Milicic with the Detroit Pistons circa 2004, when you saw #21 Brooke Smith take the floor, you knew the game was in hand, one way or another.