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Clippers 3 on 3 Team -- New Poll Options for the Third Man

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I don't usually like to admit my mistakes, and there's clearly a point where you have to cut off conversation, but I should have included more options in my earlier poll about the Clippers third option in a mythical 3 on 3 team. So let's try that again.

Reference the earlier post for the background, but I'm adding DeAndre Jordan, Grant Hill and Eric Bledsoe as options for the third player to join Blake Griffin and Chris Paul on our imaginary 3 on 3 team.

I think we can safely assume that these seven candidates (the Clippers third through ninth men on the roster next season) represent all the reasonable options. So unless anyone wants to start a write-in campaign for Ryan Hollins, I think we've got the full spectrum covered at this point.

So far, Lamar Odom is running away with the original vote, with over half of the votes cast going to Lamar and the rest split pretty evenly between the other three candidates in the initial poll. Ironically, there's not a lot of analysis in the comments as to WHY Lamar is the choice -- he's just getting the votes. In a way it makes sense -- Odom is very versatile, which makes him a very good choice. But it's hard to get overly excited about him as he doesn't do any one thing incredibly well. So his support runs deep, but doesn't seem to be very enthusiastic.

Here's a recap of the arguments for the original four candidates, plus some reasons to consider the new candidates. Please vote in the new poll, even if (especially if) you voted in the original poll, so that we get a good feel for the results with all the reasonably viable candidates included.

Billups would be the best spot up shooter of the bunch, and would obviously bring savvy and experience. But with Paul already on the team, but the Clippers really afford to add a 6'3" guy? Billups could very easily wind up having to defend LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony. He'd be better than you might think, but it's a tough assignment.

Crawford could be ideal on offense -- in a 3 on 3 game, every possession can be an iso if you want, and Crawford is among the best in the league at getting his own shot. But he's not a great catch and shoot player, and he'd be almost as undersized as Billups on defense (Crawford is certainly taller, but Billups is no doubt stronger).

Odom has versatility that you would look for in a 3 on 3 game. He could be a playmaker on the perimeter on offense, but also big enough to rebound with almost anyone the Clippers would see. If he can knock down midrange jumpers, he could be a great third amigo with Griffin and Paul. The team wouldn't get a lot of three pointers, but should get plenty of high percentage twos with the versatility of this group. They'd also have the flexibility to matchup on defense with just about any combination the other teams could throw at them. It would be nice to know which Odom we're dealing with of course.

Butler would be a relatively safe choice. A solid spot up shooter who can also create his own shot when necessary. He's a pretty decent wing defender with good size -- he's not going to shut down LeBron, but then again no one is, an at least he'd have a fighting chance. He'd also be able to stretch the floor out to the three point arc more effectively than Odom.

Jordan would probably make the Clippers too big, and adds no outside shooting. It would leave the team with Paul as the only reliable jump shot, and really you want Paul to have someone to pass to for open jumpers. On the other hand, DeAndre would provide a high level of rim protection and rebounding. But on offense he's not going to give you much beyond dunks. I'm not sure I even want DeAndre posting up Durant, say if OKC goes with Durant, Harden and Westbrook.

Hill is a sneaky good choice for one main reason -- defense. He's such a savvy defender; over the years he has learned how to defend every position from point guard to power forward. He would be the best option for the team to defend pretty much any perimeter player on the opposition, which would allow Paul to roam a bit and look for steals. He's also a playmaker who would complement Paul and Griffin on offense. He can make plays, he can hit shots, he can defend. Like a said, a sneaky good choice for that third spot.

Bledsoe would be fun, that much is clear. Bledsoe and Paul might be able to pressure the ball into a bunch of turnovers for the opposition. The downside, as it is with Billups, is purely size. Oh, and the fact that Bledsoe isn't exactly the greatest perimeter shooter. It would be difficult to have two six footers on a 3 on 3 team, but the pressure defense would still be fun to watch.