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Blake Griffin Speaks For Team, Endorses Gary Sacks

In an update to a report by ESPN last week (it was fanshotted on the front page here), Blake Griffin made some very direct remarks regarding the Clippers' search for an new general manager.

According to Griffin, "Gary has put in his time... He's been with the Clippers for a long time and you see the job he did stepping on for Neil when he left and the job he's done with the program."

While this statement reveals that Sacks has been largely responsible for the Clippers' off-season activities-- apparently second only to Vinny Del Negro's meals-- it also suggests the Blake approves of the job Sacks has done. Later, Blake confirms this: "All the players love him. He definitely has the player's vote for GM."

Griffin continues; "If he doesn't get the GM job I'll be shocked and a little disappointed because I think he deserves it and I think everybody else thinks he deserves it. We're behind Gary 100% and hope it's going to be him."

Welp, folks, that should wrap it up. Blake wants him, and supposedly so does Chris Paul and the rest of the players.

Is it possible that the Clippers told Blake to say this, and he doesn't really like Sacks? Sure, it's possible. But if the Clippers are planting that, then it still means that Sacks is getting the job soon.

So, like him or not, it's time to accept it.