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The Daily Clipper - Lite Edition


There's not a whole lot of news/stories out there, especially Clippers related. Here's some nuggets, found by your CN contributors:

Music video:

Yellowman - Soldier Take Over

Classic Yellowman style. Compliments CP3s swagger nicely.

lippers News/Stories

Sequel Week: Back to the Clippers
Sequel Week: Back to the Clippers

Tim Duncan gives Chris Paul's son some love - YouTube
cute clip from last year's playoffs vs the duncans....

Los Angeles Clippers (laclippers) on Pinterest
The Clips got around to making a Pinterest, a social media online scrapbook. Basically, you can view pics and media from the Clippers, organized in interactive folders: Got 'Em pics, Clippers off the court, etc.

Blake Griffin does funny promotional video for NBA 2K13 |

NBA 2K13 Talkin' 2K - "Blake's An All-Star" - YouTube
Welcome to "Talkin' 2K", starring us, the Lucas Brothers. This show is about what we love, which is hoops, hip hop and the much anticipated NBA 2K13 video ga...

Liukin impressed with the way 16-year-old Olympic gymnastics champ Douglas is handling herself
LOS ANGELES - Gabby Douglas has barely had time to enjoy her Olympic all-around gymnastics success and now it's time to get back to work.

Gabby Douglas preparing to launch gymnastics tour - San Jose Mercury News
"I'm excited to try something different," said Liukin, who appeared Tuesday with Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin at a Subway in West Los Angeles to mark the restaurant chain's 47th anniversary.

Blake Griffin of Los Angeles Clippers says he's 'ready to go' after surgery - ESPN Los Angeles
Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin is healthy and ready for the start of training camp. FS hattip to the citizen who posted this...

Ryan Hollins gives back to his community in Pasadena's Parks After Dark.

Blake Griffin shows off his sandwich making skills - Photo by melissarohlin • Instagram

Cruise line Star Clippers to offer voyages to Cuba -
The new Star Clippers trips will be off limits to U.S. citizens due to U.S. embargo of Cuba.

Los Angeles sports teams in a golden era Midas would love -
With the Dodgers, Angels, Lakers and even Clippers on get-better-now spending sprees, Southland fans may be the big winners.

NBA Kitchen Sink:

Lakers to unveil Kareem Abdul-Jabbar statue next season -
The Lakers are to unveil a statue featuring Hall of Fame center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at some point during the 2012-13 season, The Times has learned.

VORPed - Enlighten yourself
The new VORPed shooting charts are amazing.

How Matt Scott Became One Of The Best Wheelchair Basketball Players Ever - Dime Magazine

The equivalent to Michael Jordan in wheelchair basketball. Interesting.

Hold Off On Crowning The Lakers " | Hang Time Blog

Zach Lowe, the basketball blogger formerly of Sports Illustrated, has now been hired by Bill Simmons' Grantland.

Instantly connect to what's most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and breaking news.

Nuggets Attempt to Break the Mold | Hoops Addict

NBA's deal-makers have a lot to chew on - Kings/NBA - The Sacramento Bee

The NBA began its annual unofficial breather following the Closing Ceremony at the London Olympics, but because this has been such an unpredictable and unusually active summer, league types will remain tethered to their cellphones for the duration of the offseason.

Revisiting the NBA’s 1972 one-on-one tournament, and wondering if we could do it again (VIDEO) | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports

Never knew this happened!

Heat beat Thunder, Lakers in poll about 2013 NBA title winner - Sam Amick -

No matter how the 2012-13 season ends, Jason Terry's newest tattoo won't upset the NBA history buffs.