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The Daily Clipper - NBA2K13 Edition

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Closest pic i could find related to EA Sports.
Closest pic i could find related to EA Sports.

I think the biggest nba/basketball related news to come out this week is the trailer for the new NBA2K13 game. It's all over the internetz, so you won't find it in this round up. Call me old, but I think the last nba related game I played and purchased was NBA Live 97. With the joystick (is that what they're still called?) getting more than 3 buttons and 1 directional, I had to give up my gaming life. Although, the basketball game for the Wii is pretty cool! I always beat my DD in the 3 pt shoot out! If I still had my old NES/Genesis, I'd still play Lakers vs. Celtics.

#Clippers Media Day is Sept 28 with training camp officially opening the following morning.

The Mavericks Are Not Better Off Without Deron Williams -

Mark Cuban continues to claim that the Mavericks are better off without Deron Williams, an All-Star they chased hard. In other news, Mark Cuban continues to think he's smarter than everyone else in...


SLAM ONLINE | " Brooklyn Nets Home Court Revealed (PHOTOS)

Shaq unplugged: Q&A with former LSU, NBA star Shaquille O'Neal |
Shaq sounds off

Memphis offers free gas for guns " The Commercial Appeal
The city of Memphis will offer gas cards in exchange for guns to reduce the number of firearms on the streets.

Report: Michael Jordan has turned over the Bobcats' reins to Rich Cho -
Michael Jordan has accepted his shortcomings as an owner/manager and ceded control to GM Rich Cho, reportedly.

Source: Isiah Thomas hesitant to take job with NY Knicks after conversations with James Dolan - NY Daily News
Of course HE does!

China On The Court: NBA Meets The 'Brave Dragons' : NPR
A new book follows an American basketball veteran as he coaches a struggling Chinese pro basketball team. Pulitzer Prize winner Jim Yardley has a courtside seat from which to observe China's frantic capitalist expansion and its ambivalent fascination with all things American.

Griffin’s former teammate to play for Meralco | ABS-CBN News
Griffin’s former teammate to play for Meralco

NBA star Blake Griffin gives impromptu pep talk to OU football team | OU Sports
Grant Hill hasn't run the court in a Duke jersey since 1994, but the Los Angeles Clipper continues to go back to his college team to play pickup and talk with

Heat vs Clippers tickets to go on sale|Sports|
Just in case any citizen is in China when the Clippers play...

Top 5 playmakers for the 2012-13 NBA season –
4. Chris Paul, Los Angeles Clippers Many would argue that Paul is the best point guard in the NBA when he's healthy.

The Inbounds: Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade and the actualization of scorers | ProBasketballTalk
Does Kobe Bryant need to be more like Dwyane Wade? Or does Dwyane Wade need to be more like Kobe Bryant? Neither? Both? Hungry? Who's hungry? The biggest challenge for any player in the NBA is the same one so many children struggle with: how to play with others.

The House That Hova Built - The New York Times
Jay-Z has a piece of the Nets, a glamorous wife and a baby girl who melts his heart. Brooklyn, meet your once and future king.

Los Angeles Clippers: After 19 Years, New VP Gary Sacks Gets His Shot. : Los Angeles Clippers
Los Angeles Clippers organization gives Gary Sacks his chance, but is he ready for his new role?

Andray Blatche headed to Brooklyn Nets | SI Tracking Blog – Tracking MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and NCAA On Twitter
SI Tracking Blog - Breaking Sports News As It Happens From The MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA And Formula 1

Rap executive Rifkind to help launch new basketball minor league -
Rap executive Steve Rifkind is helping promote and launch the American Basketball League, a start-up basketball minor league that will play in Texas and Florida.

The Phoenix Suns are looking for a new Gorilla mascot | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports
What an awesome job, forget about basketball team allegiances.

The Chris Paul Bump -
An analysis on how Chris Paul improves his backcourt during play by D.J. Foster.