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NBA Word Association: What Word Comes to Mind When You Think of the...?

Mar. 27, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan (left), guard Manu Ginobili (center) and guard Tim Duncan prior to the game against the Phoenix Suns at the US Airways Center. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Continuing our off season series of themed posts around the NBA blogs of SB Nation, this week we've got something a little different. All of the team bloggers were asked to provide a word or short phrase that they associate with each team. No further instructions were given, so whether the respondent chose to describe the current team or the franchise in general is unknown and up to them.

After everyone had provided their words, the lists were sent to the team bloggers for their reaction. Below are the posts that resulted. Perhaps it's not surprising that bloggers are a cynical lot, but I sure was struck by the fact that bloggers are a cynical lot.

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