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Clips Make More Front Office Moves

The LA Clippers make three more Front Office Moves after Madkins Hire.

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

After the Clippers hired Gerald Madkins as Director of Basketball Operations the other day, we've been wondering whether they were done adding to the front office. There's isn't much here, but in an updated story by Brad Turner at the LA Times -- hat tip to Citizen Jorge Barake (lovinglosangeles) who put it up in the fanshots yesterday.

There's not much but Turner says the Clippers have "...hired Eric Miller to be the director of basketball administration, Fabrizio Besnati returns for his eighth season as the director of international scouting and Jason Piombetti was promoted to the position of director of scouting." Of course they will work under Madkins and VP and Director of Player Personnel (but not GM), Gary Sacks.

(Edit: C. mustang 6944 found the Clips announcement here. It has some more detail about these guys and their history.