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Clippers Media Day -- Training Camp Signees

The Clippers have signed five players to their training camp roster, including two familiar faces.

Marqus Blakely was a second round pick of the Clippers in 2010. In the 2010 summer league he was probably the Clippers best rookie, outplaying both Eric Bledsoe and Al-Farouq Aminu. Blakely got caught in the numbers game his rookie year and did not make the team. He played great in the D-League and got a call up to the Rockets that year, but never appeared in a game and has not be able to stick. He's an uber-athlete with crazy long arms who could be a great wing defender at this level, but has the disadvantage of having played power forward in college at Vermont. At 6'5" that's not really an option in the NBA, so he has to develop his perimeter game more. But this is a guy I can definitely see playing in the NBA some day soon.

Courtney Fortson was a camp invite of the Clippers last year, and got an early season call up to the team when a quick injury wave hit the point guard spot. He played four games with the Clippers in January and six games with the Rockets late in the season. He's a small quick point guard who is pretty fearless driving to the basket.

Trent Plaisted is the third signee. A former second round pick out of BYU, he's a 6'11" center. He played in the Turkish League last season.

The final two seasons are both fresh out of four year college careers. Chris Johnson is a 6'6" small forward from Dayton and Hank Thorns is a 5'9" point guard from TCU.

The Clippers already have the maximum 15 players signed so it's highly unlikely that any of these guys will make the final roster. Still you never know. It's not as if the team has that much invested in Travis Leslie, and if a Blakely seems like a significant upgrade, it's not impossible that the team could make a move. More likely though is that the team will start the season with the players already under contract, which doesn't preclude the possibility that one of these players might not show up during the season if injuries or other situations dictate.