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Illustrative Guide to the New Clips Nation Format

I have noticed that a number of Citizens have had trouble adapting to the new format of SB Nation and Clips Nation. I consulted with the (by now well-known) Cardboard Cutout of Corey Maggette that I live with, and we have put together a tutorial that may help with the transition. We included some pictures of the old Clips Nation format to help illustrate some of the changes, and we included some brief descriptions of the brand new features as well.

As changes and improvements are made to the new format, much of this may become obsolete, but at least, for now, those who need it will have somewhere to start. There are 7 pages to the guide, and each page is represented by a small picture of that page, which when clicked, should open in a new window so that it's legible. Let me know if it's not working, and I'll have Cardboard Corey fix it.