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Clippers Disappointments -- A Sad Legacy

There have been many, many disappointments in Clippers history. Deciding on the biggest disappointment is no easy task.

As you probably know by now, we've been doing a series of themed posts around the NBA blogs of SB Nation for a few weeks now. This Wednesday is Disappointment Day, and choosing just one disappointing Clipper to write about is a big task, so I thought I'd get started early.

Rather than starting with a poll, I thought I'd solicit some input first. If I make a poll now I risk leaving someone off. There are some obvious potential choices, and as tends to happen the results and discussion will probably skew to more recent history, but try to think of Clipper history as well.

There are different types of disappointments of course. Back in the day the Clippers always had high hopes for the likes of Bill Walton and Norm Nixon and Marques Johnson, all of whom were injured almost immediately upon joining the team. That's disappointing to be certain, but not the same as the bitter let down of unfulfilled expectations.

Andre Miller was a massive disappointment in his single season with the Clippers. A young team that seemingly was a solid point guard away from long term success, the Clippers added Miller who had led the league in assists the previous season in Cleveland. Instead of leading the team to the next level, Miller went into a deep funk and had what remains to this day his worst season in a 13 year career.

Baron Davis is a similar story. At least Baron said all the right things about wanting to play in his hometown, but from the moment that he was left in the lurch by Elton Brand, Baron's first season in L.A. was a disaster. He went on to play better in subsequent seasons, but never reached anything close to the level he'd been at earlier in his career. Just to get rid of him cost the Clippers a lottery pick that turned into Kyrie Irving. Ouch.

Or maybe Brand himself should be on the list for the disappointing manner in which he left town.

There are also of course the draft picks. Michael Olowokandi is an obvious candidate, depending upon what your expectations for him were. Benoit Benjamin never really achieved anything close to his full potential. Yaroslav Korolev was a huge disappointment, but not much of a surprise.

Or maybe we should go a different direction. Maybe Daniel Ewing getting losing Raja Bell in the 2006 playoffs is the biggest disappointment. Or maybe it's Mike Dunleavy, for having Ewing in the game.

Those are some ideas off the top of my head. Head to comments section and give me your two cents. I'll put together a poll for tomorrow based on the feedback here, and we'll see if we can figure out who the biggest disappointment in Clipper history was.