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Wednesday NBAction open thread

It's a free preview week on NBA League Pass, so you can probably watch any of these games even if you don't subscribe. There are some big ones.


A busy Wednesday night in the association, with 11 games on the schedule. There are two important Western Conference games, with the Thunder visiting the Warriors and the Lakers playing in Memphis. The Spurs are hosting the Hornets, and while New Orleans was able to knock San Antonio off a couple of weeks ago, don't count on it tonight with the game in San Antonio.

Atlanta at Charlotte, 4:00 PM

Toronto at Miami, 4:30 PM

Detroit at Chicago, 5:00 PM

LA Lakers at Memphis, 5:00 PM, Time Warner Cable Sports

Denver at Houston, 5:00 PM, NBA-TV

Brooklyn at Minnesota, 5:00 PM

New Orleans at San Antonio, 5:30 PM

Washington at Utah, 6:00 PM

Phoenix at Sacramento, 7:00 PM

Indiana at Portland, 7:00 PM

Oklahoma City at Golden State, 7:30 PM, NBA-TV

Can the Lakers get back on track against the Grizzlies, who just decimated their bench to get under the luxury tax? Will Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry make 30 three pointers between them in Oakland?

In addition to those important Western Conference matchups, this will be the first game for Phoenix since they fired Alvin Gentry, which led to the resignation of all of his top assistants. So the Suns, whom the Clippers face tomorrow night, will be playing with an entirely new coaching staff tonight.