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Most Active Citizens of 2012

Vox Media was kind enough to release the stats from 2012. Were you one of the most active Clips Nation Citizens?

Seems like as good a time as any to throw Billy on the front page!
Seems like as good a time as any to throw Billy on the front page!
Stephen Dunn

Well, here they are. The leaders for the past year in fanposts, fanshots, and comments (sorry bolts): Lovinglosangeles takes home the FanPosts crown with 27, beating out timkempton and dooder. I had 17 but I shouldn't get credit for those- they were mostly Sterling Lounges.

Lovinglosangeles also took the cake in Fanshots, with a whopping 186 last year to lead the way. Agolden and teddygreen were also big with 161 and 114 fanshots respectively.

I'll humbly accept the comments title and wonder if it's a good thing that I had nearly 20,000 in a calendar year.

Agolden was the only citizen to crack the top ten for all three lists, while lovinglosangeles, myself, and Lawler's Law made two of them.

Most FanPosts
lovinglosangeles 27
timkempton 23
dooder 21
FlyByKnight 20
okeans 19
LJ Hann 17
agolden 16
twistedwrister 16
Gordon for President 15
Lawler's Law 11
Most FanShots
lovinglosangeles 186
agolden 161
teddygreen 114
Lawler's Law 70
Steve Perrin 64
John Raffo 58
HVYDRT007 55
Hengtime81 47
PV Mike 45
SurfinQ00 45
Most Comments
LJ Hann 19785
Jayq 14248
82-0 10764
Divine Beast 9747
agolden 9704
ClipperBEAST 9059
JackduhSun 6632
tenkaistar 6542
My dukie twinkles 6462
SurfinQ00 6176

Congratulations to all of us on a great 2012 at Clips Nation. Every reader and commenter is a part of what makes this site great. Without all of you, there is no Steve or Raffo. So you're all important... but if you made one or more of these lists you're probably more important and one of my favorites. Don't tell the others. They'll get jealous.

Also it should be noted that while these numbers came from Vox Media (the overlords), I actually hand-counted every comment from the last year.