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Report: Blake Griffin practices; no D-League for Reggie Bullock for now is reporting that Blake Griffin returned to practice today. Also, Doc Rivers told that he does not see sending Reggie Bullock down to the D-League.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE


A day after sitting out practice with a left knee bone bruise, Blake Griffin returned to the court Friday for the Clippers.

"In terms of an injury it's not really that bad," Griffin said. "I'm good with bone bruises. Me and bone bruises are on good terms. It's really about pain management."

Bullock has yet to practice with his new team, but has been watching every step of the way. Rivers praised the No. 25 pick in the Draft Friday for how involved he's been despite his preseason setback.

"The one thing I love about him is that he's a worker," Rivers said. "He's been really impressive on the sidelines. If you ever watch him in any of our games he's sitting next to one of the coaches. He's asking a lot of questions, so that's a good sign."

In past seasons, Rivers has occasionally used the NBA D-League to get rookies minutes, including first-round pick Fab Melo last season with the Celtics. He doesn't see sending the sharpshooting Bullock to Bakersfield this year, though.

"If think if there's a chance he's going to play in a game, then he's going to stay with us, for the most part," Rivers said. "If not, we'll send him down. I don't see Reggie as a guy like that. I think he'll be around. We don't want to let shooting out of the door."