DJ Turning To Be A Truly Defensive Weapon?

In just 3 preseason outings, DJ is evolving to be the defensive monster that Doc is creating him. The hypnotic spell of Doc’s words seem to propel this young center to what he was capable and should be doing a long time ago, that is, dominate the center. 3 preseason games and playing about 25 minutes per game, he already has 15 blocks and 26 rebounds ( 8 offensive and 18 defensive). He also is averaging 13.7 points per game! He had his first double double in last night game versus the Suns holding his own against Gortat who is not a shabby center. The other 15 rebounds did not come easy also with DJ playing against Kanter and Favors at Utah and R. Lopez at Portland. Of course, we still don’t know how he would fare against very good centers like Cousins. Could Doc be intentionally resting DJ against teams with class A centers during these preseason games for him to gain more confidence and really believe that he truly is turning to be the Samson of the centers? There are another back-to-back games this week against Portland on Friday and Denver on Saturday. With Magee and the Maninal waiting in Denver, would Doc let DJ play just against Portland and rest him against Denver? This strategy could make sense like in boxing.

Whatever Doc is doing, and he is doing wonders, he should not change for it is working.

I just hope DJ does not turn into a Jekyll and Hyde character.

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