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Charles Barkley Endorses Clippers as Western Conference Champions


Charles Barkley doesn't like the Clippers, and Clippers fans don't like Charles Barkley.

It's been well documented- even Steve had to weigh in at one point.

So why are we revisiting this?  Well, I'm watching the Seattle Seahawks play against the St. Louis Rams on Monday Night Football tonight, rooting for Russell Wilson to catapult me to fantasy victory (another touchdown should do it).  I wasn't really paying attention at halftime, but I noticed Charles Barkley was doing an interview on ESPN's halftime show.  What I caught was... shocking.

Barkley, when asked, announced that he expects to see the Miami Heat return to the NBA Finals, where he anticipates that they will meet none other than the Los Angeles Clippers, who as we all know, according to Chuck, have horrible big men (not in reference to Jamison and Mullens, but to Griffin and Jordan), a stagnant offense, a soft attitude, and a good-but-not-good-enough star in Chris Paul.

What inconsistency from a man who has a national audience.  Did he expect to sing a different tune about the Clippers this season, and maybe everyone would just forget that he's completely contradicting himself?

Ultimately, it's sort of a nice thing for Clippers fans.  Finally, we can watch the TNT broadcasts without unsafe spikes in blood pressure.  Maybe the Clippers will be the golden team for Charles this year.  That would certainly be nice.

Just remember to take whatever Charles says with a grain of salt.  He predicted that the top four teams in the west would be the Clippers, Rockets, Thunder, and Warriors- with no mention of the defending Western Champs, the San Antonio Spurs.