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Hyde Lounge Contest Results

From well over 100 entries, one citizen of Clips Nation correctly predicted the outcome of the game in Houston, all of the statistical leaders, and the final margin of victory -- impressive.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Clippers had their performance of the season last night, coming back in the second half to register an impressive road win over the Houston Rockets. But it wasn't the only impressive performance of the day.

As part of the Clips Nation/Hyde Lounge ticket giveaway, entrants predicted the results of the game and the statistical leaders for each team.

As you might imagine, lots of entrants had the Clippers winning, and plenty had the somewhat expected stat leaders like Blake Griffin as LA's top scorer (there were a few J.J. Redick's as well, and those two finished tied for top honors with 22), Chris Paul in assists, DeAndre Jordan in rebounds, and on the Houston side Dwight Howard in rebounds (tied with Chandler Parsons) and Jeremy Lin in assists. But only two had all those correct answers AND the real clincher, Parsons as the Rockets' leading scorer. Of those two, one of them guessed the exact margin of victory: 13 points. That's a near perfect score in the contest, with the Clippers total points being the only blemish, and even there, 101 is not far off the final tally of 106.

So great job, Danny Sevilla! Please check your email and get back to me -- I need to hear from you soon so I can tell you how to pick up your prize tomorrow night -- two VIP tickets to watch the Timberwolves game in the Hyde Lounge at STAPLES Center!